Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

Bicycle Film Festival 2009

This one is for all my fans that are die hard bikers

Welcoming its 9th year with support by 42 Below, the Bicycle Film Festival will soon be launching in 39 cities worldwide. With a packed schedule lined up, the festival will kick off on June 17th for an opening event at the South Street Seaport, Pier 17 in NYC, featuring performances by The Teenagers and The John Spencer Blues Explosion. The next day will see an art show featuring a plethora of artists/photographers including the likes of Martha Cooper, Agathe Snow, Kenzo Minami, Scott Campbell, Erik Foss, Peter Sutherland, Mike Giant, I LOVE DUST, and Massan Fluker (M.A.S.H.), amongst many others. Further information regarding dates and admission can be found at the official Bicycle Film Festival website.

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