Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

End of an era, C-POP Gallery in Detroit closing. Shepard Fairey Prints on WOOD for sale

The 3 following pieces are by der Larm

Mark Ryden

Stephanie Henderson

Shepard Fairey

After being the only bright light for contemporary art in Detroit for many years C-POP Gallery is closing June 13. For gigposter fans C-POP was one of the first gallerys to support artists like Frank Kozik, Derek Hess, EMEK and many others. One of the best new talents they have found is der Larm- Tom Thewes.

He has stuff by Mark Ryden, Glenn Barr, Triston Eaton, Niagra, and that Stephanie Henderson painting is just breath taking in person.

Saturday night June 13 will be the farewell party from 6-11 pm.

Now what you really want to know about the Faireys on wood.
18 x24 silk screened
signed AP's
$2500 each
Contact Adriel to purchase them. His email will be good after the closing.
info@cpop.com or call the number on the flyer

You contact him to purchase anything else pictured as well as inquire about other items.

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