Rabu, 02 September 2009

New Malleus art print Watching You

From Malleus:

This poster was originally realized for a carnival party, so we imagined the cow of the famous cover of Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother” masked as Gene Simmons of Kiss.
We’ve always loved this image, so we decided to realize it in a large size as a handmade silkscreen.First of all for hanging it in our living rooms… ahaha

It’s a 7 colours print of about 70 x 70 cm (that is, if I’m not wrong, 27 x 27 inches) on heavy paper.
We’ve used a light blue metallic ink, a deep green, a prismatic gold/pink for the shadow on the cow and a metallic black.
Well, apart from red, brown and green.
We’ve recorded all the printing process and You can see all in the video below.
It’s been fun, we usually print on smaller sizes, so we had to change some of our “printing habits”.
We’re also working with new inks, so the colours are more vivid and metallic comes out of the paper.
Anyway, we’ve numbered 95 pieces and we’ll have them with us during our tour in Europe (from the mid of september).
Only 20 copies will be available from the 9th of september (what a wonderful date: 9/9/9) on our webstore

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