Senin, 07 September 2009

Nakatomi- Invitational Season 2 preview- Tim Doyles Twin Peaks poster and more...

Subscriptions to the Nakatomi Invitational Season 2- "Rise of the Robot" will be on sale very soon, with individual T-shirts and Posters to follow monthly. And this time...It's EIGHT T-shirt/Poster sets for the same price as last year's subscription for 6 sets. This round's line-up is even more impressive than the last- Guy Burwell (gigposter artist extraordinaire), Kevin Tong (Art Scientist), Jim Mahfood (indie-comics luminary), Spacesick (Designer from the future/past), Craig McCracken (creator of the PowerPuff Girls), Jeff Kleinsmith (THE Designer for Sub-Pop Records), Nick Derington (Some Hobo), and Jay Ryan (God). And the best thing...all the artwork is in and files are ready to roll. With the development of Nakatomi Print Labs, they're going to have a faster turnaround on all prints, and they'll be able to get them to you CHEAPER! This time around, each release will be limited to a scant 100 sets, so if you want to make sure you're in on the goodness, make sure you pick up a Subscription for EIGHT t-shirts and artprints when they go on sale soon!

On Tuesday early morning (follow on Nakatomi's Twitter to find out exactly when!), they'll release Tim Doyle's Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary print for the Black Cat Bones Art Show in Puebla Mexico- "En Los Arboles" (In The Trees)-
This 12x24 4 color print is limited to 100 copies world wide, and the majority are going to the gallery, so if you want one, keep your peepers peeled on the Nakatomi Site!


And finally, they're giving away these 6x24" prints in honor of what would have been Jack Kirby's 92nd birthday-
Limited to 100 copies (they fit perfectly along the side of the Twin Peaks print on the press) they're slipping them into every order going out the door until they're gone! Go HERE to read up on how to get one w/out a purchase!

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