Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

German Woodcut Prints Inspired by European Cartoons -- Roman Klonek

You can go ahead and forget about getting that ticket to Disney World, because Roman Klonek has just created the new happiest place on earth.  Roman is a Polish born woodcutter living in Germany and  has a liking for mixing in animals and creatures in his works, along with East European old fashioned cartoons, propaganda, folklore, and pop.  Head over to his website to see his fairytale youth reminiscent collection of woodcuts. Looking at some of these makes it seem like its ok again to drip the sorbet that you got from the ice cream truck onto your white shirt without a care in the world while running around barefoot.

His painstaking process of woodcut printing  turns out really super with a different texture compared to screenprinting.

Check out one of his cool animated pieces--

Fancy that, his old site is pretty cool too.

I want to go see Romen live now after catching a glimpse of what hes capable of.

Via our friend Monsieur Bandit.

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