Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

Paul D'Elia's 100+ Gigposter Retrospective gallery --"Something from Nothing"

Yesterday I was able to drop by the Cella Gallery in the NoHo Arts District for Paul D'Elia's 100+ Gigposter Retrospective gallery called "Something from Nothing".  It was a pretty amazing compilation of work from him over the years, and after having met Paul, whats supercool about him is his whole belief in the DIY punk music scene.

His style is interesting the way he combines the right amount of typographical usage, abstract patterns, and animals and creatures of all sorts.  I was lucky enough to be the 30th out of the first 30 people to get a free screen-printed poster while he demonstrated his bread and butter screenprinting prowess live.

Follow him @Art4Punks

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