Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

Release the Squadts! GASSED S2 'Launch Party' infoz

Squadt - GASSED Specimen 002 'Launch Party' Release Info:
This guy is the 3rd and final piece of the launch party trio. The release date is set for Monday August 31, 12:00 Noon - Central Daylight Time
The webstore for this release is located here>

Additional info:
GASSED S2 'LAUNCH PARTY' PLAYGE VARIANT- Limited to 150 pcs. 6" vinyl, includes suit, 2 sets of arms, RPG, Dual sMP5 machine guns
and removable helmet. Price: $75 USD - this includes worldwide shipping via FEDEX
Headsdsup: FEDEX requires a phone number for shipping so please include this in your paypal contact information.
Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for shipping.

September- Midnight Jack (I have seen the pictures of him, it will blow your mind)
October - Chipp S3 [halloween skelsuit] and Gohst S2 [halloween skelsuit] special release.

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