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The return of Faith No More! on sale date for the second leg posters and more news

From Secret Serpents:

When Faith No More decided to reunite, they had to surround themselves in the highest standard in quality, so for posters they turned to us! The first leg of the tour included poster by Alan Forbes, Justin Kamerer, Guy Burwell, Bobby Dixon, Alan Hynes, Adam Jones, and Brad Klausen. All posters are available now in our webstore (except the Adam Jones, which will be released in the near future). The second leg includes posters by Jeff LaChance, Zoltron, Marq Spusta, Dale Flattum, Drew Millward, Decoder Ring Design Concern, and Lil Tuffy.

All of the second leg posters will be available in the SECRET SERPENTS store September 9th, 2009 at 10:00 am (PST). There will be a limited number of matched numbered sets available. As with the first series, all posters will be limited to one per customer per design.

Current tour series!
We currently set up tour series for the upcoming tours by: Mudhoney / Europe 2009, Dinosaur Jr / Europe 2009, Dinosaur Jr / US 2009, Jesus Lizard / Europe 2009, Jesus Lizard / US 2009, Down & Melvins / US 2009. More to be announced shortly…

New to the store…
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound – Santa Cruz 2009 by Alan Hynes
Band of Horses – Baltimore 2009 by Lil Tuffy
Big Business – Detroit 2009 by Mike Murphy
Burn My Eyes: Rock Poster Show 2009 by Alan Forbes
Faith No More – London 2009 by Alan Forbes
Faith No More – Berlin 2009 by Justin Kamerer
Faith No More – Frankfurt 2009 by Guy Burwell
Faith No More – Helsinki 2009 by Bobby Dixon
Faith No More – St Petersburg 2009 by Alan Hynes
Faith No More – Riga 2009 by Brad Klausen
Graveyard – Los Angeles 2009 by Alan Hynes
Graveyard – San Francisco 2009 by Alan Forbes
Lipstick Traces 2009 by Chuck Sperry
Magnolia Electric Co – Tucson by Alan Forbes
Skeleton Witch tour poster by Alan Forbes and Alan Hynes
Sleepy Sun – San Francisco 2009 by Alan Forbes
Sonic Youth – Oakland 2009 by Alan Forbes
SUNNO))) – San Francisco 2009 by Alan Forbes
Weird Owl – San Francisco 2009 by Alan Forbes

Coming soon…
Alan Forbes is teaming up with Shepard Fairey's company OBEY on a project that will be released later in the year. More will be announced in the coming months. Forbes is also continuing his 20+ year career with the Black Crowes. If you catch them on their upcoming tour, check out their merch booth…


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