Senin, 24 Agustus 2009

Win it before you can buy it. !!! American Artifact -The Rise of American Rock Poster Art movie DVD signed.

Sorry its sideways. Its saved in my computer the right way no idea why its this way

Gary Grimshaw

Carl Lundgren

Mark Arminski

Merle Becker

Went to the screening the other night for the movie American Artifact. Coverage of it HERE.

Merle Becker the writer and director was kind enough to give me two copies of the DVD to giveaway to you my faithful readers. It does not go on sale until November to the public, and unless you go to one of the screenings and buy it you will have to wait to see it until November. This is a special pre-release opportunity so please DO NOT email her begging to buy a copy.

One copy I got signed by Merle, Mark Arminski, Gary Grimshaw, and Carl Lundgren. The other is not signed.

So drop a comment with a way to contact you (email (at) , your ID from one of the poster forums Black Red Yellow, Expresso Beans or Gigposters or your google ID. I'll use a random number generator to pick 2 winners. If you want the signed copy tell me your favorite poster by one of the artists that signed the DVD with your comment.


There is only one poster art blog that gives stuff away to its readers and its Inside the Rock Poster Frame.

To be notified of the official release date for the "American Artifact" Deluxe double DVD, subscribe to the mailing list at: also they have posters for sale that some of the artists created for the movie.

For videos of the screening events, weekly updates, and other news, check out "American Artifact" on Facebook:

And, for you MySpacers, AA MySpace is here:

Thanks again to Merle for providing these for the contest.

Entries will be accepted until Friday August 28th USA residents only

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